Q: What is the Valiant Defender’s Party?

A: The Valiant Defender’s Party is an organization and network of Christian students, mostly from an alternative education background, all around the world representing the new generation. With this organization, we can be anything we set our mind to be, Lord willing.

Simply, the VDP is what you make of it.

Q: What are the goals of the VDP?

As a student leadership society, our main goal is the advancement of our members through our three principles of Integrity, Innovation, and Initiative. We want our members to be successful and take leadership positions in politics, media, business, and culture. In this regard, we honor the accomplishments of students in academics and beyond, in light of God’s glory.

Q: What are the principles of the VDP?

Our principles of Integrity, Innovation, and Initiative are outlined here, along with sayings and insights from our members.

Q: Who are your members? Where do they come from?

We are composed mainly of Christian students from College Plus, TeenPact, Generation Joshua, Patriot Academy, Christian schools and home schools and their alma mater.

Q: Is the VDP a political party? Why is it a “party”?

A party means “faction”, “group”, etc. In some games, parties are groups of people working together toward a common goal. In that sense, we are a party. We may do political things, but we aren’t an elections political party that runs candidates.

We are closer in concept to the Tea Party than the Republican/Democrat Party. We are not only a political, but cultural, spiritual, educational, media, etc. party. We try to cover all areas of life. We do support our members who are running and have become politicians, and we do have a political platform. Our focus is on leadership as a whole, not only political leadership.

The name comes from our history. We were once a party for student government elections. It may cause some confusion in our current status as a leadership society, but we honor what the name has stood for in our short history.

In a legal sense, we are more of an interest group and activist organization than a political action committee or an electoral  political party. There are many so-called third political parties that are in the same circumstance. Read this for more information.

A Party to us is a group of People that are united by common Principles. And those Principles need not only be political.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the VDP? How can I join the VDP?

A: Lifetime membership for free (as of right now). Our community is tightly knit, so everyone knows at least one of the High Command leaders personally, so if you have any ideas, it goes straight to the top. Any members get assistance in their productive endeavors; we will hold a fundraiser, sponsorship, promotion, or similar event for any member, regardless of status within the party. We also regularly update each other with prayer and prayer meetings. Your membership opens up a vast network of potential.

You may join by applying here or by invitation. Any VDP member may invite another student. Members usually sign up their siblings into the VDP, as well.

Q: How does one get invited to the VDP?

Another member must invite or refer you to the VDP. Referrals and invites streamlines the approval process. If you cannot get either, the application page is always open.

Q: How much time commitment does the VDP require?

A: The VDP requires only as much time as you are willing to invest in it. Most of our activities range from simple signing of a petition, voting in our elections, and just networking in our community, only a few minutes a day. Our Party-wide activities which include events like conference calls, gift exchanges, tournaments, etc. may take a few hours in the week. As you rise in leadership, you will be given more tasks to handle in organizing and policy deciding.

We do understand, as students, that VDP activities are extracurricular. That is, if the VDP interferes with your studies, we will understand if you cut back from it.  We strive for academic excellence.

Q: How much financial commitment does the VDP require?

A: The answer is… none! Our membership is currently free (As of now, so do take advantage while it’s free.). We do hold fundraisers and things of the like, but no member is forced to participate or donate. We want you to earn money, therefore we will list your businesses in our directory, for free,

Q: What are honorary memberships in the VDP?

A: Honorary memberships are granted to those who are non-members that perform a service for the VDP. They may have the same benefits and responsibilities at request. Once they are ready, they may upgrade to a full membership at any time.

Q: What are the branches of the VDP? And why are there so many?

A: To achieve our mission, we need to cover all bases. This is the function of our branches. Each is a specialized department handling a different aspect or our organization. Think of them as government branches and government departments rolled into one.

Our current branches include our international leadership branch, the High Command, consisting of the leaders of the other branches and the executives; our cultural and spiritual branch, the Royal Family, acting as an aristocratic high society; our bureaucratic and political branch, our Parliament of Ministries; our internal judicial branch, the Justices Supreme, who reviews our programs and policies; our ethical branch, the Order of Knights, upholding the Knight’s Code of honor in modernity and is a subset of the Royal Family; our artistic-technical branch, the Guild of Innovation, responsible for all the graphics on our media and website and is a subset of the Parliament; and lastly, our performing arts group, the Advent Orchestra.

The High Command creates and eliminates branches as necessary. For more detailed information, visit our branches page.

Q: What are sectors of the VDP? Are sector memberships the same as the national/international memberships?

A: Sectors are, at the basics, our local, state/provincial, and regional chapters. Some sectors also function as the headquarters for various regions, nationally, and globally. For example, Sector O functions as both the current National Headquarters and the headquarters of VDP Ohio, though that will change in the future.

Sector memberships are given honorary national and international status, to be listed on the global list, but it is up to the member to participate in national and international events and activities, other than the local and regional ones.


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