The Valiant Defender’s Party is committed to putting any of your donations to the best and most efficient way possible to implement the principles of Integrity, Innovation, and Initiative.

Donate to the Valiant Defender’s Party directly by PayPal:

Sponsor the Valiant Defender’s Party:

By sponsoring us, we will promote your organization or business on our website, podcast, and videos. Details here.

Donate to Valiant Defender’s Party fundraisers:

Help Volunteers In Jon David’s Lubbock Campaign for County Commissioner ends 01/21/14

Past fundraisers:

Help Adam Wentworth Intern In the California Legislature ended 8/12/13

List of Contributors:

Cheyanne Flerx

Lynn McDougal

Mary Little

Samuel Garcia

Jonathan Lyons

Brittany King

Hannah M

Chelsea N

Disclaimer: We do never contribute directly to a candidate nor are candidates involved in organizing us, all our resources are donated from and to our individual members (as volunteers, etc.) as we see fit. We only accept donations under $200, any donations above that must be sent directly to an individual member in the party or on our fundraisers.


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