The Valiant Defender’s Party Endorses David Watts for Texas Land Commissioner

The Valiant Defender’s Party endorses David Watts for Texas Land Commissioner. He runs on the platform of truly conservative principles and a Bold Leadership for Tomorrow’s Texas.

His plan for stewardship of Texas land assets is to generate revenue for “education, Texas veteran’s benefits, and Texas history and archives”.

A father of homeschooled children, he reflects our stance on alternative education over public education. His track record of twenty-two years as a business professional encouraging companies to reinvent is upholds our principle of Innovation. He has written a novel and have ministered in India as a preacher.

And he is not inexperienced in political matters. David Watts has run for State Representative in Kentucky, supporting a repeal of exemptions for rich racehorse owners.

His daughter, Hannah Watts, writer of the An Enlightened People, was an supporter on our behalf in the earlier days of the Valiant Defender’s Party before it’s present form, and today she works as her father’s volunteer organizer for his campaign.

Join in  David Watt’s campaign on his website!


The Valiant Defender’s Party Sponsors Reform Party’s Petitions


Two Parties with Different Ideologies Work Together. Other Parties Invited To Do the Same

by Samuel Garcia

Three of the Reform Party’s petitions have been sponsored by the Valiant Defender’s Party. The two parties have risen above different political ideologies to work together. The Valiant Defender’s Party and the Reform Party invite other parties to do the same.

The petitions may be found at the VDP website at or at the Reform Party’s Petition Center

Nicholas Hensley of the Reform Party says,“There’s a lot of gridlock in Washington. In working together, we hope to demonstrate that we’re above the political fighting that goes on in Washington”.
The Valiant Defender’s Party describes itself as conservative-progressive, while the Reform Party is largely held as centrist.

“This is a great opportunity for third parties like ours to make their voices heard,” quips Sam Garcia, Chairman of the VDP.

One petition concerns the health of small businesses. The VDP supports this petition because growing small businesses are essential for the thriving middle class. Another petition is in support on putting limits on the practice known as “gerrymandering”, the redrawing of districts to favor partisan lines. The last petition is in support of opening up the Presidential debates to third party candidates.

About the Valiant Defender’s Party

The Valiant Defender’s Party was established in July of 2012 for the new generation of citizens. The Valiant Defender’s Party is committed to securing a future for the young people of this nation and beyond.


To learn more about the sponsorship, please contact

Samuel Garcia