Good Men Are Doing Nothing – Homeschooling Threatened in Texas – Urgent Action Required

Please sign the petition on behalf of the Koch family! They are good friends with our President Adam DeKroon, and it’s sad to see educational freedom being limited by the government.

The Wasatchman


My name is Andrew Koch and I am 17 years old. I have been homeschooled all my life.  I have lived in five states and have traveled the country. I love life and I love the gifts God has given me. Homeschooling is probably one of the greatest gifts in my life. It enabled me to go and learn various skills at a young age and test my abilities. I came from a somewhat Christian environment.  In 2011, my father filed for divorce.
Please sign this petition as well as write the judge.

My world was crushed. I could not imagine life without a dad. It didn’t matter what I thought because it didn’t change reality. God had a bigger plan. The Hon. Sheri Y. Dean allowed us to move in temporary orders to the San Antonio, Texas area. We have been living here for two years and have found support…

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The Valiant Defender’s Party Sponsors Reform Party’s Petitions


Two Parties with Different Ideologies Work Together. Other Parties Invited To Do the Same

by Samuel Garcia

Three of the Reform Party’s petitions have been sponsored by the Valiant Defender’s Party. The two parties have risen above different political ideologies to work together. The Valiant Defender’s Party and the Reform Party invite other parties to do the same.

The petitions may be found at the VDP website at or at the Reform Party’s Petition Center

Nicholas Hensley of the Reform Party says,“There’s a lot of gridlock in Washington. In working together, we hope to demonstrate that we’re above the political fighting that goes on in Washington”.
The Valiant Defender’s Party describes itself as conservative-progressive, while the Reform Party is largely held as centrist.

“This is a great opportunity for third parties like ours to make their voices heard,” quips Sam Garcia, Chairman of the VDP.

One petition concerns the health of small businesses. The VDP supports this petition because growing small businesses are essential for the thriving middle class. Another petition is in support on putting limits on the practice known as “gerrymandering”, the redrawing of districts to favor partisan lines. The last petition is in support of opening up the Presidential debates to third party candidates.

About the Valiant Defender’s Party

The Valiant Defender’s Party was established in July of 2012 for the new generation of citizens. The Valiant Defender’s Party is committed to securing a future for the young people of this nation and beyond.


To learn more about the sponsorship, please contact

Samuel Garcia

Petition to Eliminate Gerrymandering

gerrymander_1_smThe Valiant Defender’s Party is co-sponsoring this petition with the Reform Party to eliminate the abuse of the political strategy known as “Gerrymandering”, the redrawing of districts according to certain demographics to partisan preferences. Usually, the redrawing always favors the party that is in power.


Please sign here. In signing the petition, you support the commission of non-partisan boards for redistricting and allowing for regulation and restriction on how state legislatures draw districts.


Petition to Strengthen Small Business

Petition to Strengthen Small Business

“Small businesses in the United States employ over 60 percent of the American workforce, and this percentage has been on the decline for years. The current business environment favors large corporations, which employ fewer workers and reduce the amount of competition in the market.”

We at the Valiant Defender’s Party support thriving small businesses, because an economic climate that fosters strong small business means a more powerful middle class, the backbone of the American nation.

Please sign the small business petition from our friends at the Reform Party. Every signature, and every voice counts.

Every American …

Every American who values liberty should support the homeschoolers’ cause. If the government can usurp parental authority over something as fundamental as the education of their children, there is almost no area of parenthood off limits to government interference. ~Dr. Ron Paul

The above quote is taken directly from Ron Paul’s speech on April 6th in the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinatti, which we attended. As a political party composed of young people in alternative education, we agree. The speech inspired us to value the principle of freedom and encouraged us to be active more with politics, espceially on the local level.

Even so today, we are organizing state chapters as we are expanding our horizons. We gained a small victory a month ago. Today, we still need to fight and will continue to do so. The courts of the land are intervening with things they are not suppose to interfere with.

For one, please sign this petition in support of extending asylum to the Romeike family, who fled to our nation to protect their freedom.

Saving Marriage

Saving Marriage

For the sake of our families, our culture and our country, we simply must stand up for the traditional definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Please sign the petition! The institution of marriage is sacred, and vital for the future of our nation.

Link via Minister Adam C Wentworth