Sunglasses Swag Contest!

Sept. 25 – Oct.5 2013


Here at the Valiant Defender’s Party, team building is key. While principles may make us all acquaintances, it is people and relationships that will enable us to work together. With that being said, it’s time for our Sunglasses Swag contest!

To enter, post your sunglasses pic on any of the following:

Our Facebook Group

Our Google+ Community

The Valiant Defender’s Party Forum Thread

Our College Plus Forums Thread (CollegePlus VDP members only)

Instagram @valiantdefendersparty or tweet @ValiantDefParty with the hashtag #sunglasses #valiantdefendersparty!

By email attachment to info AT valiantdefendersparty DOT com or by contacting any of the VDP leaders.

Royal Presents Swap 2013

Also, sign up for our Christmas gift exchange! Members should have gotten an email or private message concerning the signups.

Past Events:

Blimey Cow Skype Call 05/31/13, 4 PM CDT

Skype Tea Party 09/03/13, 10 PM EDT


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