We strive to have a character that is above all other.

former Chief Justice Andrew E wrote:

Integrity means being truthful and honest, especially being true to those who rely on you and not backing down on what you choose to stand up for.

Minister of History Katie F wrote:

Integrity is honesty on a basic level, but mean much more then that to me. It means being transparent in all aspects of my walk with Christ.


We strive to have ideas that are new and exciting.

Vice President Adam W wrote:

Innovation is creativity,it’s thinking up new ways to meet certain situations.

Knight Joshua S wrote:

Innovation, which is closely related to initiative, is the characteristic of starting something new. For me, the best way of actually seeing this concept for what it is, is to examine the antonyms and imagine what life and leadership would be without this: uncreativeness, unimaginative, uninventiveness, unoriginality. Do these look like Godly characteristics to you? After all, God exhibited the ultimate innovation when He created the world.


We strive to have actions that determine outcomes.

Caleb J wrote:

Initiative is the process of dreaming, planning, organizing, and acting on.

Ben M wrote:

Initiative is being the first person to take on that role in any given situation and living according to how the Lord calls us to live.

Associate Justice Micah M wrote:

God does not call us to spend our lives waiting around for someone to come drag us up and show us what to do with our lives. We must be trying new things, praying, seeking His will, even when it is hard or the challenges are great.


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