Letter from Kevin McCarthy: Ongoing Conflict In Syria

 Dear Wentworth:

          Thank you for contacting me in opposition to United States military intervention in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

          Like you, there is nothing I take more seriously than committing U.S. Armed Forces to military action and potentially putting servicemen and servicewomen in harm’s way.  Since the President’s decision to seek congressional authorization on the use of military force, I have attended and participated in briefings for Members of Congress by the President’s national security team to hear the Administration’s case for military action based on intelligence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on August 21st that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 Syrians.  Along with these briefings, I have also received thousands of calls, emails, and letters expressing strong concerns about congressional authorization on the use of military force.  After much consideration, I have concluded that there are grave issues relating to the President’s draft resolution, which asks Congress to authorize military force to conduct punitive strikes on the Syrian government for using these internationally condemned weapons.   With so many questions still unanswered on the overall strategic goal of intervening in this tragic conflict, if this resolution were scheduled for a vote on the House floor, I would vote against it.

          While this resolution must follow the normal legislative process, as your Representative in Congress, be assured that I will continue to closely monitor this situation, continue to press the Administration on unanswered questions, and will keep your concerns in mind should the Senate pass this resolution and send it to the House for a vote.

          Thanks again for contacting me on issues of importance to you. If you would like additional information on services my office can provide you, my thoughts and positions on issues facing our nation, and subscribe to receive periodic “e-newsletters,” please visit my website at kevinmccarthy.house.gov.

Member of Congress


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