Where I Was On Sept 11, 2001

It’s funny how when something major enough happens you still remember it years later, eh? To this day I can still remember Sept 11, 2001 (aka  911) better then I can my birthday last month. I had just turned 9 at the time that day came about. But it was significant, maybe one of the biggest news events of my lifetime to date. On 911 I was homeschooling just like any other day, when suddenly my mom interrupted us and told us to quickly come watch what was on TV because it would be a historical event. When I got to the living room I seen what she was talking about, well you can imagine what it was like for a 9 yr old to see planes crashing into large towers and them on fire and everything else that happened. And a crazy thing about it is that it could have been me in the tower that day, or you. It’s an event I’ll probably never forget and a day I’ll remember all those people who died and their families.

You all may have similar (or not so similar) memories of 911, feel free to post in the comments if you like!

President Adam DeKroon

From: http://adamdekroon.com/2013/09/where-i-was-on-sept-11-2001/


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