The Schools of Our Membership

CollegePlus, Patriot Academy, TeenPact

Our base of members come from a total of four schools. They are:

CollegePlus, an Accelerated Distance Learning Program

CollegePlus enables students to quickly finish their degree, even while in high school. CollegePlus also offers accredited leadership and worldview courses.

Patriot Academy

Patriot Academy is the “premier political training ground in the nation”. In the Academy, students learn to use “leadership strategies, life purpose planning, media relations, public speaking, campaign skills, and the founding fathers’ philosophy of government.”

TeenPact Leadership Schools

TeenPact trains Christian youth to “understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith, and engage their culture”.

Generation Joshua

Generation Joshua assists in raising up “the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow.”

In addition to these institutions, our members generally come from a homeschool, or Christian school, or another alternative educational background.

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