Another Third Party? But Why?

One day, we, the Valiant Defender’s Party, looking at today’s political landscape decided to take matters in our own hands.

We were just college students participating in a small election for a small student government. Fervor and zeal was high. Campaigning and political debates echoed around.

We lost the election by two votes.

We were distraught. The election itself wasn’t very important, but it hurt. Our hard work and campaigning all flushed down the drain. How could we change the world and make it a better place, if we could not change this small community we live in, all because we lost the election?

Then it hit us.

We don’t need to win an election to change the world. It was this day we decided to take on larger things.

Yes, this is another third party, among many others. But why? Aren’t there others? Isn’t the dual party system we have in America enough?

Why? For one, because third parties champion ideas and causes that the major parties ignore, making the major parties “compromise” (or more accurately, step up to) with the more challenging issues they would otherwise not touch. Third parties of history were made exclusively to support abolition of slaves, women’s rights, environmentalism, and a host of other issues that major parties would not even dare to debate about until it was pressed on by a third party.

Another reason is that the all too familiar duality of the established system favors those steeped in tradition. This runs contrary to progress and innovation. With third parties in the mix, all competition will yield a superior product due to the challenge. This is political capitalism.

We want better officials and better government and a better populace. Short-term victory is not our goal. Our goal is to effect the changes ourselves for the long-term, elected or not elected. We are the party of action.

We are still building our voter base and testing and experimenting with our political ideas in small meta-communities across the internet, so that we would already have a measure of experience before tackling national and global avenues.

Help us create a party. We need you. We need to make our voices heard.

Integrity. Innovation. Initiative.


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