The Valiant Defender’s Party is the Party for the New Generation

The Valiant Defender’s Party is not just another political party. We are a political party by the young people, the one who will inherit the future. We are the new generation of leaders.

We aim to be prevalent everywhere in every area of life, as well. Not only in government, but in business, in education, in science, in research, in technology, in social causes, in media, in churches, and beyond. We are originally American, and yet international and global in scope, aiming to seed other nations with our principles, and already made up of many diverse members.

In short, the Valiant Defender’s Party is a dynamic organization that will change the world. We are still quite small, but we are growing steadily. Our current mission is to be recognized nationally and tackle local and state elections by 2020. Please support us!

The Party’s Prime Minister and Chairman,

Samuel Garcia

Valiants Onward and Forward!


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